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Call for Papers

Submission of an Abstract

All authors that want to present a Technical Paper in this Symposium must submit an Abstract, with a short summary of the paper and its main conclusions, following the LINK in this page and completing the data required in that link.
The deadline for the Call for Papers is March 6th, 2018.
The Abstract should be classified by the author in one of the following Symposium Topics:
1. Well Construction Practices
2. Unconventional Reservoirs Engineering
3. Characterization of tight and shale reservoirs
4. Well Completion and Stimulation Optimization
5. Well Testing
6. Hydrocarbon recovery increase
7. Technological advances
8. Case Studies
9. Environmental Aspects

Note: “Other suggested topics connected to the above mentioned ones are those related with Unconventional Hydrcarbon Production like: Choke Management and Artificial Lift Systems in Horizontal Multifractured Wells”.

The interest of this Symposium is focused in Tight Gas, Shale Oil and Shale Gas reservoirs. Other disciplines as “Heavy Oil Recovery”, “Coal Bed Methane”, “Methane Hydrates”, etc., that might be considered as unconventional hydrocarbon resources, are not included among the topics for this specific event.

All the abstracts will be analyzed and qualified by the Technical Committee of the Symposium. This Committee will select (based on the average ranking received by the abstract) the abstracts that will be invited to be included in the Technical Program of the Symposium.
One person may be the author or co-author of one or more than one paper for presentation in the Symposium.

The authors of the abstracts will be informed by the Technical Committee if their abstracts are selected for presentation in the Symposium. The authors whose abstracts are selected Symposium will elaborate a Technical Paper for presentation in the Symposium, within some timeframe to be determined.
Those authors whose abstracts are selected for presentation in the Symposium will have the option for their Technical Papers:

  1. To be registered, numbered and published by the SPE (URL of the Symposium and One Petro). An URL containing copies of the Symposium presentations under this option ‎will be available to all attendees following the Symposium.
  1. Not to be registered, nor published by the SPE, if they want to keep the confidentiality of the information within the Symposium scope. The Technical Papers, under this option, will not need to follow the standard format of the SPE and will not be available in the URL of the Symposium (neither in One Petro). These Presentations could be published in our web page only if the SPE Argentina receives explicit consent from the authors.

Consistent with Symposium objectives and SPE guidelines, commercialism in presentations will ‎not be permitted. Company logos should be used only to indicate the affiliation of the presenter(s).‎