Integration From Multiple Disciplines in Horizontal Well
Evaluations to Increase Production in Organic Rich Shales

Kevin Fisher
Senior Petrophysicist

Drilling horizontal wells is the common mode of operation for field development in permeability-challenged unconventional reservoirs such as an organic shale. Assumptions are made regarding the homogeneity of the reservoir as wells are drilled away from the vertical pilot well. It is assumed that the reservoir characteristics remain uniform and that the structure is known to remain in a constant orientation based on the dip information at the pilot wellbore. Experience tells us that these assumptions can lead to wells placed out of zone and in rocks with much different reservoir quality and stress magnitude, which can adversely affect the well’s production potential. Lateral measurements and petrophysical interpretations can be used to define variations in reservoir and completion quality, which can be used to optimally place perforation clusters in similar rock to increase production vs. peer geometric wells. A methodology to integrate data from many sources enables a better understanding of the variability and structural challenges of these complex reservoirs. This integrated methodology has been refined using learnings from various case studies that show increased production compared with results from geometric completions.

Kevin is currently the Chief Petrophysicist at Rock Oil Company. Recently, Kevin retired from Schlumberger as a Senior Petrophysicist based in Houston, TX with nearly 27 years of experience in petrophysics and rock physics, after graduating from the University of Tulsa with a degree in Petroleum Engineering. While at Schlumberger, he worked in the Production Technology Integration Center focusing on unconventional resource plays, mainly in the Eagle Ford and Permian basins. Additional areas of expertise have been deep water and shelf structures in the Gulf of Mexico, tight gas sands in South TX and Rockies, Alaska, Permian Basin, Unconventional Gas & Oil shales, Coal Bed Methane and international (Australia, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Nigeria, Angola, Turkey and Saudi Arabia).
Kevin is a guest lecturer since 2012 at Rice University for a graduate level petroleum geology class entitled “Economic Geology – Petroleum”.

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