Distinguished Lecturer 2020-21 Lecture Season

John (J.M.) Clegg

Fecha y hora:  Jueves 11/02 – 15hs  (GMT-3)


Over 33 years, John Clegg has worked in multiple countries in engineering, manufacturing, sales and operations with upstream technologies including drill bits, drilling motors, rotary steerable tools, measurement-while-drilling, logging-while-drilling and managed pressure drilling. He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Science and a Diploma in Global Business, both from Oxford University, England. He has 14 patents, has authored multiple papers and sits on the Boards of the Drilling Systems Automation and Research and Development Technical Sections of SPE, the Program Committee for ADIPEC and the SPE Drilling Advisory Committee. John is the principal of J M Clegg Ltd, a consultancy specializing both in drilling and in innovation as a strategic discipline.


In a hundred years, directional drilling has come a long way. Horizontal drilling is now common and increasingly longer laterals present new challenges for well placement and wellbore quality as expectations of accuracy are increasing and more measurements are available for geosteering. There is a growing qualitative understanding of the impact of well placement and wellbore quality on the overall value of the well and on the economics of completions and production. There is an undercurrent of opinion that completions and production are compromised to maximize rate of penetration but with some controversy about the precise value and how easy it is to attribute cause. The presentation will review directional drilling practice, how the wellbore quality that results from the directional drilling process impacts the overall value of the well and how tortuosity impacts drilling, completions, production equipment and production rates. It will predict automation of geometric and geologic aspects of directional drilling along while optimization of drilling and pressure management. The key take-away will be the likely technical and value impacts of well placement on completions and production, why the non-drillers in the room need to understand what their drilling colleagues are doing, and how they can go back and influence those colleagues to the benefit of the overall value of the well.

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