Integrated Hydraulic Fracture Modeling and Rate Transient Analysis Workshop

Duration– 5 days

Instructors– David Anderson, Adam Staruiala (bios available here:

Course Description

This course will provide participants with a robust yet practical workflow for characterizing reservoir and completion properties with the primary objective of predicting and optimizing asset performance and hydrocarbon recovery, with relatively simple software tools, limited time and sparse data availability. The workflow utilizes log and core, well test (DFIT), hydraulic fracturing, PVT and well performance data and tightly couples the sciences of hydraulic fracture modeling with Rate Transient Analysis. The workflow is specifically designed for unconventional basins (both oil and gas) and has been successfully field tested in the Montney, Permian, Marcellus and Haynesville plays. These examples will be worked as a class, as well as pre-determined in-house and/or customized examples (provided that adequate lead time is provided).

Day 1 – Fundamentals of RTA

  • Theory and concepts
  • Application to low permeability, fractured reservoirs

Day 2 – Practical RTA Examples

  • Using industry software to analyze well performance data
  • Assumptions and limitations

Day 3 – Practical Hydraulic Fracture Modeling

  • Philosophy of petrophysics for fracture modeling
  • Philosophy of fracture modeling (what tool and why)
  • Sources of data, strengths and limitations
  • Core analysis discussion
  • DFIT discussion
  • Tightly coupling petrophysics to the frac model
  • Assumptions and limitations
  • Hydraulic fracture design
  • Modeling as pumped

Day 4 – Integrated Workflow – Part 1

  • Combining RTA and frac modeling
  • Production modeling Ball Drop vs. PnP vs. Pinpoint stimulations
  • Understanding frac height and its implications to production performance and field development
  • Ground-truthing with additional data (DTS/DAS, tracers, MS mapping)
  • Prepared examples from North America

Day 5 – Integrated Workflow – Part 2

  • Application to customer specific play(s) of interest


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